Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this Prospectus and it is issued on the express condition that all matters in it are subject to change from time to time without notice. While J.P.I. will make all reasonable endeavours to deliver the courses of study and other educational services as set out in this Prospectus, circumstances may change prompting J.P.I. to reserve the right to vary the content and delivery of courses and programmes, to either discontinue or combine courses and programmes or to discontinue educational services.

1. All the Courses of J.P.I. are Under Scheme-A, i.e., on Day Scholar-basis, and are Full-Time Courses in nature. The classes will be conducted daily (from Monday to Saturday, 09.oo A.M. to 05.00 P.M.) will special training in the usage of Computers in Medical field. Both sexes are eligible. Employed persons should apply with a “No Objection Certificate” from the employers, if they wish to attend any course Under Scheme-A or Scheme-B, i.e. under ‘Postal Coaching/Correspondance-cum-Contact Programme’.

2. Scheme “B” (Under Distance & Continuing Education Scheme) includes the score of One Year Diploma Courses, admission to which is open every year from April to October. Facilities for these in-service Programmes are available only for those who are under employment concerned fields. The employed persons seeking admission under any of the schemes are expected to furnish a “No Objection Certificate” from the employers.

3. Under “Self Employment Scheme” “Job Oriented Course” means a candidate may establish/open his/her own, Medical Laboratory / X-Ray / ECG / Ophthalmic / Dental / Physiotherapy Centre in any part of the Country. No Prior permission from any authority is required. However, the Diploma-Holders are advised to contact the local authorities for guidance or any permission, if required, under any law in force in the State, and under the supervision of and in collaboration / association with a qualified Pathologist / Radiologist / Dentist / Physiotherapist / Ophthalmologist or a qualified Medical Professional in Western / Modern System of Medicine.

4. Methods of Training: The candidate are enrolled under the following Schemes: Under Scheme ‘A’, the candidate is enrolled under “Day Scholar basis. They attend Regular Classes, theoretical as well as practical and also the field practical classes at the Fatehgarh Centre, or at any centre, as decided by the Institute.

Under Scheme ‘B’, the candidate is enrolled under “In-service Technical Training Programme” by Fatehgarh Centre only. Admission Under Scheme ‘B’ is strictly on the basis of the rules of various State Govts. and the Right of Admission is reserved with the Management. The Final Examination will be held in April/May every year, at Fatehgarh centre.

  • Books / Lecture notes are supplied to the candidates, free of charge/ cost, against payment of the 2nd Instalment of fees, for the students enrolled under Scheme ‘B’.
  • The candidates enrolled under this scheme, will attend field & practical training/ experience classes and will appear in the Final Examination every year their own expenses at the Fatehgarh Centre only. It is compulsory for all the candidate enrolled Under Scheme ‘B’, to attend the contact programme.
  1. It is COMPULSORY for the candidates enrolled under this scheme to attend the practical training/ experience classes. Before the commencement of the Final Examination, a Certificate is to be produced by the candidate that he/she has attended 1000 hours Practical Training in the concerned Trade/Occupation & Computer Programming, duly signed by the competent authority of Hospital/Nursing Home/School etc., on the prescribed “Confidential Report Form” of the J.P.I. The candidate shall have to inform the J.P.I., on commencement or joining or starting of the training, well in advance, and the Examination Centre will be Fatehgarh only.
  2. A copy of the detailed syllabus of the relevant Diploma Course, along with a list of books recommended for study, will be supplied to the candidate, free of charge, on receipt of the second instalment of the course fee or on receipt of full and final payment only.
  3. The candidate will make their own arrangement for lodging & boarding and will appear in the Final Examination at the Fatehgarh Centre only during the period of practical experience training and Final Examination i.e. approx. 30 days.

5. Dress: All the Male/Female students are required to wear white clothes during the Theoretical/Practical training class/field practice and “White Doctor’s Coat” in the regular training classes. The students are required to be properly dressed for all classes to ensure a regular hygienic standard and identity. The Apron will be supplied by the Institute, on payment, with insignia/monogram of J.P.I. Wearing of a prescribed dress i.e. White Coat with insignia “J.P.I.” during theoretical and practical training is compulsory during the training period.

6. Conduct of the Candidates: Conduct of the students in their classes, as well as in premises of the Institute. The students are not allowed to use alcohol, or to attend training classes under the influence of any type of intoxicants i.e. Tobacco, Barbiturates etc. in premises of the Institute. Maintenance of coordinate & friendly atmosphere is necessary for the Institute & other premises. Use of Pan, Pan-Masala or Gutka or Chewing Tobacco or snuff and ‘Supari’ smoking of Cigarettes or Bidi or Churat, Alcohol, Sedatives or any Drugs etc., are banned in the J.P.I. and in its premises.

7. Security & Entry in the JPI’s Premises: Security personnel have been deployed at different points to check unwanted entries and to avoid unpleasant happenings in premises of the JPI and they have been directed to check Identity-Card, Bags, Briefcases etc. Hence, all the students of the JPI are requested/advised not to exchange bad language or arguments with the security personnel at any point.

The students are advised/requested not to keep any Knife, Razors or Pistol or any objectionable arms and ammunition while entering into the premises of the JPI, otherwise, necessary and suitable Legal/Police action will be taken and he/she will be responsible for the concepts thereof.

The students are also advised/requested neither to use abusive or indecent language or indulge in or make any hot arguments nor discuss the political or religious issues with their colleagues and staff in the premises of the JPI or outside the premises to avoid any unpleasant happening.

The students are required to carry their Identity Card and Medical Assistance Card during their Theoretical Classes, Field Practical & Internship Training as well as Educational Tours, organised by Institute.

8. Change of Address: Notice for change in address should be given by the candidate/student to the Office in writing immediately.

9. Damage to Property: Students/Candidates shall do nothing either inside or outside the Institute that will in any way interfere with its orderly administration and discipline. Non-compliance with the rules of the Institute may be dealt with, by means of suitable fines and punishment. Students are expected to take proper care of the movable & immovable properties of the Institute and if any damage is caused to the property as a break i.e. disfiguring of walls, door, fittings, and breaking furniture etc., it will be considered indiscipline and culprits will be duly punished. The students may be charged for loss or damage to property or equipment caused by his/her carelessness, negligence or misuse. The students are expected to take proper care of the property of the Institute and to keep the premises neat, clean and tidy.

10. Attendance: 90% Attendance in the theoretical and practical/training classes is the compulsory condition for appearing in the Half Yearly/Final Examination. The candidate/student will not keep himself/herself absent from the theoretical training classes without prior permission or intimation to the concerned officer of the Institute. Otherwise, disciplinary action will be taken against him/her. 90% of attendance is also compulsory during the Field Practical Training (Hospital Internship Training). Students are expected & directed to abide by the Rules & Regulations and Time schedule of the various Regular Training (Theoretical & Practical) Classes. No relaxation in the time schedule will be given in any case.


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