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ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSION: A CAREER FULL OF OPTIONS: The supply of allied health professional is not keeping up with demand. There are not enough graduates to meet both the current and future demands. Hospitals are busy places and employ many types of health care professionals to care for patients. Working alongside doctors and nurses are other health care provides whose professions come under the heading, “Allied Health”. These Allied Health professionals include the following: Cardiovascular Technologists, who help to diagnose heart disease;

Clinical Laboratory Scientists, who work in the medical laboratory; Health Information Managers, Who handle the patient medical information and records; Radiologic Technologists, who conduct x-rays; Radiation Therapists, who deliver radiation to patients with cancer; Respiratory Therapists, who help treat people with lung and breathing problems. Hospitals today have two big problems. First, there is an immediate need for health care workers in most of the professions, including nursing and allied health. Secondly, there is and there will be a long-term shortage of qualified health care providers just at the peak when the demand for health care is increasing. The demand for healthcare is increasing because of the aging population and lack of awareness. A large portion of the population is now over 50 years old, just the time of life when there is a higher incidence of disease. The demand for health care is increasing while the supply of Allied Health Professionals is decreasing! Study shows that healthcare Industry needs 16.5 lakhs professional while there are only 8.2 lakhs Allied Health Professionals available therefore there is a huge shortage of approx. 8 lakhs trained Allied health Professionals.


PLACEMENT ORIENTATION: In-Campus Interviews are being conducted for the benefit of candidates for jobs in India and abroad. In order to provide students the best placement, the Institute has signed MoU’s with not only Indian Health-care Industry/Corporate Hospitals along with various prestigious Foreign Universities around the globe and placed its students in Health care Industry worldwide since 1976. The Qualified students of the Institute have been Approved/Accredited by the SAUDI COMMISSION FOR HEALTH SPECIALITIES, Govt. of Saudi Arabia for the Registration of its candidates for serving under Govt. of Saudi Arabia. Along with placement in other Organizations, special emphasis is being laid on self-employment ventures.


ABROAD PLACEMENT: The Institute also provides free of cost placement services in India & Abroad in collaboration with various Abroad Placement Agencies, Embassies & High Commissions. The Diploma-Holders of the Institute are already working in Gulf countries & other European countries.


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